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Jan 26, 2022

In this episode, Gene Rice guides us to discover strategies and ideas in determining a child's ultimate purpose to accomplish their professional and personal success. Stay tuned to know about the five commonly missed elements of informal education and the road map to a child’s success.

Key takeaways to listen for

Jan 21, 2022

Sometimes we forget that our children can have terrible days and negative behaviors too, but do you know what to do when they become troublesome? Dive in today as Dr. Karin Jakubowski reveals her expertise in assisting parents in finding solutions whether their child is experiencing difficulties at school or at home.

Jan 13, 2022

If you want to reach your goals in EVERY area of your life, this episode will provide you with the inspiration, motivation, and action plan you need to take yourself and your family to the next level. Listen in as Hal Elrod talks about practical tips and strategies to empower yourself and live the life you deserve.


Jan 6, 2022

Raising children can be challenging, but how can we be the best parents if we carry heavy baggage from our past? In this episode, Hunter Clarke-Fields shares her parenting expertise on how to create peaceful families. Stay connected to discover strategies to foster respectful communication, effective conflict...