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Aug 16, 2021

Single parents have a unique opportunity to teach their children strong, ethical behavior. In this episode, Letitia Frye shares her experiences on how she manages her career with single parenthood and how being a single parent can be a fun, fulfilling, and inspiring experience.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Balancing single parenthood and career 
  • Valuable experiences as a single parent 
  • Keeping and recognizing the sources of your strength for your children
  • Role of mindfulness in battling addiction 
  • Promoting a safe environment, open and honest communication
  • Strategies of removing the reserve in your life  
  • Self-understanding and mindfulness

Resources mentioned in this episode

No Reserve: Take Ownership and Live Your Life Without Limitations

About Letitia Frye

Letitia Frye is known as “The Auctiontainer, an auctioneer and entertainer combined, and a dynamic and highly motivating speaker. She raised more than $500 million for charity over the last 16 years. 

She’s able to address audiences both small and large from corporate gatherings, to more intimate personal development groups. She’s known as a self-empowerment specialist, and the author of the critically acclaimed book “No Reserve”, which outlines her methodology of living a life without limitations. She is also known as an expert in non-profit fundraising, entrepreneurship, and success beyond financial gain.

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