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Aug 30, 2021

There may have been a few instances when we felt completely safe, and those times may have been tainted by recollections of other, most uncomfortable situations. Nevertheless, we are likely to be grateful to our parents and places who helped us feel safe. Jeremy Roadruck will dive deeper into childhood trauma, safeguarding your children from predators, unpacking issues, and more. Keep listening for more episodes!

Key takeaways to listen for

  • The tragic repercussion of child abuse
  • How to break free from trauma
  • Things to do to prevent child abuse
  • Recognizing signs of trauma
  • Understanding and respecting children personal boundaries
  • Awareness and recovery

Resources mentioned in this episode

About Jeremy Roadruck  

Jeremy Roadruck is a speaker, teacher, author, and catalyst on a mission to empower children so that they never feel as if they can’t speak up for themselves. He works with families to empower children to speak up and own their voices. He creates emotional safety for children and the power to assert themselves while teaching parents how to communicate and give them access to see, hear and understand their children. 

Jeremy is a 6th Degree Black Belt with over 24 years of martial arts experience and owner and head instructor at Meng's Martial Arts of Centerville, Ohio. With a deep passion for giving parents and kids the tools to feel seen, heard, felt, and understood, Jeremy has developed several online courses and is a multi-time #1 Best-Selling Author on Amazon

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