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Nov 3, 2021

Be inspired by this episode as Barrett Ersek shares how to set family core values that bring out the best of your children's abilities and the importance of embracing gratitude amidst difficulties to your family and business life.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • How to find your child’s spark: Getting out and exploring to find themselves 
  • The importance of embracing family core values in making decisions
  • Connecting with families that supports and encourages one another
  • Impacts of child involvement in your business and mastermind group
  • Living on purpose: Trusting darkness and despair as a gift 
  • Importance of resiliency to entrepreneurial success

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About Barrett Ersek

Barrett’s first plunge into the green industry was at the age of 12 where he convinced both his school principal and the branch manager for TruGreen/Chemlawn to give him a shot at telemarketing. After becoming one of TruGreen’s most successful telemarketers, Barrett left TruGreen to create his first lawn care company. Holganix manufactures and distributes 100% organic plant probiotics that allow users to drastically reduce their environmental footprint while improving overall plant health and yield. With rising fertilization costs and government regulations on chemical fertilizers and pesticides, Barrett believes that Holganix could be the solution for fertilizer users across America.

Barrett has spoken on topics of plant health, innovation, entrepreneurship, and gratitude on five continents. He has lectured at the London School of Business (LSB), the India School of Business(ISB), and the Massachusetts School of Business (MIT) in addition to many EO events. Barrett has been actively involved in EO, serving as Philadelphia’s chapter president, forum chair, education chair and mentorship chair. In addition, he is a graduate of the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program, Class of 2004.

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