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Sep 24, 2021

Are you ready to change your life, finances, and future? If so, get ready to laugh with Garret Gunderson as he shares his experience integrating money and comedy and the impact of these techniques on his family.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • How to turn your hobby into a winning career
  • Making use of humor to teach people about money 
  • Ways to inspire your child through your work
  • The impact of comedy on our lives and families
  • The health and social benefits of humor to your children
  • Understanding value over money 
  • How to eliminate worries and fears 

Resources mentioned in this episode

About Garrett Gunderson 

Garrett Gunderson, the Founder of an Inc. 500 firm, author of the NY Times hit, Killing Sacred Cows, and multiple WSJ bestselling books. Garrett Gunderson is called a "financial genius" in entrepreneurial circles, but he wasn't born with a silver spoon. In fact, Garrett's blue-collar roots are what makes him so passionate about helping people live a life they love, on their own terms.

Garrett comes from a 4th generation coal-mining family, raised in rural Utah, and his desire to help people is firmly rooted in this history because more often than not there is nothing more distressing for most people than money.

So, after spending 20 years in the industry, his approach has shifted. He now takes what he knows best (Money) and has combined it with what he loves most (Comedy) into his new methodology, Win, Then Play.

Connect with Garrett 

Website: Garrett | The American Ream


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