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Feb 2, 2022

How do you think parental pressure affects children in accomplishing goals and discovering their true passion? Find out in this episode as Courtney Bejgrowicz discusses finding your passion and purpose and withstanding familial pressure over parental beliefs.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • Finding the way to your passion and purpose
  • Inspiring children to pursue and accomplish their aspirations
  • Why it's important to find the right balance between passion and pursuit
  • Building a position relationship with your parents
  • Parental voice vs. inner voice
  • Quaker school: Definition, beliefs, and purpose  

Resources mentioned in this episode

Grad To Grow-Up: 68 Tips to Excel in Your Personal and Professional Life by Gene Rice and Courtney Bejgrowicz


About Courtney Bejgrowicz

Courtney Bejgrowicz is a high school English teacher who uses her passion for literature and desire to inspire others to inform her work. She enjoys mentoring teachers and helping her students find their inner voices. In her first book, Grad to Grown-Up, Bejgrowicz teams up with her father Gene Rice, entrepreneur and top executive recruiter, to offer advice for young adults to excel in their personal and professional lives. Bejgrowicz looks forward to writing more books to help people live fulfilling lives.

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