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Jun 30, 2021

Does success lead to happiness? Or is it happiness that leads to success? Dial in as Robert Mack shares some wisdom on the correlation between happiness and success and get tips on how to teach your children to regulate emotions.

Key takeaways to listen for

  • What is happiness?
  • The importance of regulating emotions
  • Checking on your kids' feelings
  • How the psychological immune system works
  • Benefits of breathing from your stomach
  • Recognizing yourself as a whole

Resources mentioned in this episode

Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment

About Robert Mack

Robert is an ivy-league-educated Positive Psychology Expert, Celebrity Happiness Coach, Executive Coach, and Author.

Robert is one of the world's leading experts on the relationship between happiness and success. He helps individuals and organizations achieve an energizing balance of authentic personal happiness and effortless professional success, based on time-tested, face-valid, empirical data and timeless, transcendental wisdom.

Robert's first book, Happiness from the Inside Out: The Art and Science of Fulfillment, is celebrity-endorsed and critically acclaimed. It has been translated into various languages, including Chinese. 

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